Many top professionals feel that their CV speaks for itself, and they can get the best jobs by going directly to the company and searching their current openings. But is there a better way? 

For many professionals in fields like product development, management, commerce, supply chain and logistics, there is a huge range of opportunities to grow and advance their careers. Some estimates show that there may be as many as 9 openings for every experienced supply chain manager, for example. Whether you are happy in your current position or not, there are some excellent reasons to talk with a recruiter and discuss your goals and aspirations. Here are some of the best ones:

Reasons to Contact a Specialty Recruiter

Discuss your options. An experienced industry recruiter can help you assess your options and opportunities, no matter what your career goals are. They have insight into the entire employment landscape in your field, and may be aware of new companies, positions, and opportunities that you may have missed.  

Build connections. Networking is one of the best ways to grow your career, in any industry. It never hurts to make contact with a recruiter and let them know what kind of role or work situation you are looking for. They may reach out someday with the perfect job for you.  

Talk with an expert. If you haven’t been on the job market for a while because you’ve been happy in your current position, it’s possible that some of your skills may have aged or the employment landscape may have changed. A good recruiter can give you an expert evaluation of your options and prospects, and may advise some ways to sharpen your skills and better position yourself. 

Get feedback faster. Recruiting firms are hired to work quickly and get results fast. If your job search is currently frustrating you, with days or weeks going by without hearing anything about your job application, consider working with a recruiting firm. Their streamlined workflow will get you needed feedback and information more quickly. 

At grapefrute, finding the perfect match is our speciality, and we take the time to understand who our candidates are. Contact us for the most effective recruitment in the business.