Expanding the Talent Search and Your Horizons: Recruiting Across Borders

To stay competitive in the ever-changing FMCG industries, you need top talent. And the simple fact is, the best people often don’t show up on your doorstep with a resume in hand. You have to reach out and find them, wherever they are. This often means reaching beyond your borders, and managing challenges with language, culture, and distance. 

While it was once rare and exceptional, remote recruiting is now simply part of the process. Here is a quick guide into why and how you can engage with international clients. 

Why consider remote recruiting? 

  • The world’s best talent may not live in your city or country. Many FMCG companies are looking for highly skilled candidates to fill crucial roles in competitive industries. International recruiting gives you better candidates and more choices, so you can find the perfect match. 
  • Diversity makes companies stronger. It’s been proven for decades that gender and racial diversity improve profitability (source), but a recent study by the Harvard Business Review and the Technical University of Munich has gone much deeper than that. Their study of 1700 companies in 8 countries shows that broader diversity measures drive innovation (source), with a deeper correlation than prior research. Diversity factors like migration, industry, career path, gender, education, and age were positively correlated with 19% more innovation and 9% higher earnings. 
  • Technology makes it faster and easier than ever before. In the past, international recruiting may have been slower and more cumbersome than hiring locally, but today’s tools and technology bring top talent to your virtual doorstep. 

Myths and facts about remote recruiting

Myth: you can’t really know a candidate until you meet them in person

Myth: employees with a shared cultural background make stronger teams

Myth: international recruiting is more complicated and expensive 

Fact: international recruiting is easier and more affordable than you think 

Fact: diverse perspectives and viewpoints improve products and processes

Fact: emails, texts, phone, and Skype communication are as good a way to get to know a candidate as in-person interviews

The fact is, large companies and the world’s top brands have been doing this for years. Cross-border recruiting saves time, presenting companies with only the best candidates.

Is International Recruiting Right for You?

When considering international recruiting, here are a few key things to keep in mind:

  • Have you been unsuccessful with your current recruiting processes? 
  • How much time and budget do you have? 
  • Are your hiring managers willing to take candidates from abroad?
  • Is only English needed and not the local language for internal work in your company? 
  • Do you need specialized language skills for specific markets and products, and have trouble filling those roles? 

If so, you probably need to expand your horizons and look abroad.

Special Considerations for International and Remote Recruiting

Many countries within the EU make it easier for highly educated/trained/skilled professionals and academics to work across borders, and some EU countries even offer tax advantages for expats and employers who hire them.

Within the EU, you can find many qualified people who are fluent in English and other languages. In order to attract these candidates, you may need to offer relocation support, e.g. temporary accommodation, assisting with finding housing, covering relocation costs, etc. There are specialized relocation agencies who can assist with this process. 

If you want to hire people from outside the EU, they will usually need a work permit. The work permit application process can take up to 6 months, depending on your country and industry.  

Global recruitment does have its own challenges and opportunities, so when you are sourcing talent from outside your country, here are the factors to plan for:

  • When does the role need to be occupied?
  • Do you need in-country (foreign) advertising or direct sourcing?
  • Do you need language support and skills during the interview and hiring process? 
  • Do you have existing recruitment agencies for that country?
  • Do you already use Skype or other video conferencing tools?
  • Will you be able to organize candidate travel for key interviews and meetings at your location?
  • Will you be offering new hire onboarding & relocation support?

How to Recruit Across Borders: the Grapefrute Process

At grapefrute, we are experienced in finding the best candidates, no matter where they are. We source in a wide range of languages, using social media, professional networks, and our own global talent network. 

When we have found relevant professionals, we interview them by phone, Skype, or other digital communication tools. We then present you with the best candidates, using email, our systems, or your own HR/recruiting system. 

International recruiting can bring the world’s top talent to your doorstep, and grapefrute makes it easy to broaden your horizons and find the perfect match.