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Job Title: Country Chef France, Belgium & Netherlands m/f

Job Industry: Food, Food & Beverages, Frozen Food, Gastronomy
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Job description:

This exciting and challenging role leads all culinary responsibilities for France, Belgium and the Netherlands.  You will be the custodian of food values across the Nomad Foods brands and represent these passionately in the internal and external environments.


  • To provide culinary leadership in market and be first point of contact for assigned core categories
  • Be the custodian of food values across Nomad Foods brands for France, Belgium, and Netherlands representing these passionately in the internal and external environments.  Assist chefs in other markets as and when required (e.g., to help with a large innovation project via ‘hot house’ participation)
  • Maintain close links with the MU and the SU dividing your time between them to ensure optimal impact and influence (approx. 30% travel from SU to MU)
  • Maintain close links with the category teams and input knowledge on trends and nutrition. Be an ambassador for the company Nutrition policy
  • Understand key drivers of liking across our product ranges and develop recipes that provide consumer satisfaction within cost constraints and Nomad Foods policies
  • Provide digital content to local markets and share best practice across Nomad Foods
  • Understand key drivers of liking (DoL) for consumers on core products. Use data to give guidance on recipe development.


  • Deliver consumer satisfaction (maintain low complaints), high perceived quality products, high repeat rates.  Use sensory data (DoL) to drive product improvements
  • Deliver competitive advantage on core SKUs – hit KPIs for benchmarking
  • Ensure conformity to Nomad Foods Europe WOW – e.g., cooking instructions, nutrition calculation etc.
  • Ensure cooking instructions are validated for safety (priority) and optimal quality
  • Be the public face of Nomad Foods in market– knowledgeable about our products, quality & nutrition within the relevant categories.
  • Be first point of contact for assigned key product area. Input into ideation sessions and develop recipes within guidelines. Be flexible to change priorities as business needs change.
  • Provide relevant digital content in market that improves brand equity
  • Input into the yearly Nomad Foods trends publication.  Use this document to inspire and engage the organisation around food
  • Support sales activities for core SKUs where chef input adds value. Reject requests where chef input adds little or no value.
  • Support innovation lunches at a senior level where chef input adds value. Reject requests where chef input adds little or no value.
  • Drive synergies in our business and maximise roll-out opportunities



  • High level culinary qualification.


  • Membership of Professional Culinary body


  • High quality restaurant experience approx. 10-15 years.
  • Experience within food & drink FMCG is an advantage, not essential.
  • Proficient in English & French language.
  • (social) media exposure is an advantage.

Desirable (not essential)

  • Experience in frozen food
  • Knowledge & Skills
  • High level culinary skill
  • Food raw material understanding including commercial and supply chain constraints
  • Nutrition understanding and application in recipe development
  • Local culinary trends
  • Product development
  • Consumer understanding
  • People management
  • Deep understanding fish / poultry / vegetables and frozen food
Company description:

Nomad Foods Europe is a market leading frozen food company with a rich heritage and iconic brands which have stood the test of time.

Headquartered in the UK, we employ 3,800 people in 17 countries, with 9 factories. This gives us the scale, the talent and the opportunities to achieve our ambitions.

Nomad Foods Europe is owned by Nomad Foods, a US listed company, whose goal is to build a global portfolio of best in class food companies and brands within the frozen category and across the broader food sector.

Our portfolio of market leading brands includes Birds Eye, iglo and Findus which are synonymous with frozen food and offer consumers great tasting, easy-to-prepare food that is nutritious and good value.

We market and distribute our brands, which also include Lutosa and La Cocinera, in 17 countries across Europe. We have Number 1 positions in ten countries – UK, France, Sweden, Germany, Italy, Austria, Belgium, Portugal, Hungary and Spain – and our products are also enjoyed in Ireland, the Netherlands, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Greece and Switzerland.

Nomad Foods Europe was created with the acquisitions of Iglo Group and the continental businesses of Findus Group and both companies have a rich history, stretching back to the early days of frozen food. Birds Eye, iglo and Findus were pioneer brands back in the 1940s and 1950s and created the frozen food category that we have today.

At Nomad Foods Europe we have a passion for food, a belief in our brands and a real desire to reinvigorate frozen food across Europe. Everything we do is underpinned by Forever Food Together, our European-wide sustainability initiative which aims at providing our customers with tasty, nutritious dishes and tackling food waste through sustainable food products. Find out more about our approach to sustainability

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