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Job Title: Assistant Packaging Development Manager Copacking m/f

Job Industry: FMCG, Food, Food & Beverages, Frozen Food, Lebensmittel, Manufacturing, Packaging
Location indication:
Job description:

This role can work from the UK or Germany and includes travel within Europe.

Your Responsibilities are:

  • to identify new packaging materials, formats, technologies, suppliers, processes etc. that may be exploited to achieve business strategy and agreed business priorities.
  • To link with the supply base and NFE Supply Chain and co-packers, form alliances with academia, investigate trades press and exhibitions to scout new opportunities and maintain awareness of competitor and other category packaging activity.
  • Through an understanding of consumer needs, packaging and materials technologies, equipment and process capabilities, supply chain capabilities, commercials and business strategy identify potential new packaging opportunities.
  • To feed new opportunities to the Concept Development Team with as much information as needed.
  • To share and retain ideas and knowledge in an accessible, ongoing format with the Packaging Department and business.
  • To agree, prioritise and manage the delivery of all your Packaging work.
  • To play an active role as a member of the Packaging Department and any Project Teams to share knowledge and to identify and deliver new opportunities.


You are Accountable for:

  • delivering Packaging work to the Group.
  • Identifying and deliver agreed number of new packaging opportunities that are aligned with the business strategy.
  • To develop a strong awareness of the packaging supply base, NFE factories and co-packer capabilities and developments, new materials, formats, technologies, suppliers, processes etc. To build strong relations with academia, research institutes and trade to be aware of developments in a timely manner.
  • To identify and develop new packaging formats, materials and technologies to deliver competitive advantage and meet consumer needs.
  • To share new opportunities with the Packaging Concept Development & Feasibility Team and Packaging Department and business. To maintain strong links with the rest of the Packaging Department and share knowledge.
  • To operate to agreed processes and standards in a timely manner with visibility of all work.
  • To fully participate in all stages of business processes and cross functional teams to identify and deliver new opportunities.
  • Define, set up and manage the key stakeholders necessary to ensure successful delivery of new packaging opportunities.


Key Interfaces

  • Packaging, material, equipment suppliers.
  • Academia, research institutes, trade and industry bodies, open innovation networks etc.
  • BEIG factories and co-packers.
  • R&D Packaging, Product & Category etc. throughout Europe
  • Marketing
  • Consumer Insights
  • Procurement
  • Innovation Growth Board


Knowledge & Skills

  • Packaging understanding – materials, formats and processes
  • Knowledge of emerging globally packaging trends / innovations.
  • Good understanding of the packaging market and competition.
  • Product development.
  • Consumer understanding.
  • Factory, Co-Packer and Supply Chain understanding.
  • Excellent networking skills.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Analytical thinking.
  • Identification of new ideas and technologies to meet business needs.

Key competencies

1. Building knowledge to win

  • Aware of consumer demographic data and key studies relevant to own projects and can relate this to work being done.
  • Aware how consumers respond to products and can describe this in technical terms.
  • Understand business strategy and targets, how NFE measure and report them and can relate this to R&D work programs.
  • Understand how costs of a product are determined and how this drives the success of an R&D project.
  • Aware of the technical training available and uses this to improve project delivery.
  • Actively seeks ways to share expertise and knowledge by looking for connections between projects across R&D, focusing on opportunities to maintain product competitive advantage.

2. Developing successful innovation

  • Show initiative in by working on own ideas that fit to project portfolio of function or team
  • Actively manage and deliver projects and/ or tasks according to my project portfolio, communicating progress on the way.
  • Write a technical brief based on understanding the consumer needs from an insight or a concept and create or source a high quality prototype which delivers against the brief.
  • Can check and ensure that projects comply with stage gate and R&D standards throughout the development cycle.
  • Aware of the available options for products, packs and technologies within own area and can share this knowledge with project teams.
  • Aware of the main projects and deliverables for own work area and is am curious to learn from other areas.
  • Understand NFE standards for specifications, key documents and processes.

3. Delivering our portfolio

  • Can Carry out technical benchmarking of product, pack, taste or claims for NFE products against the competitive set.
  • Can Develop products guided by information on consumer demographics and competitive product landscape.
  • Can Use knowledge of product make up to understand how changes in raw material and process influence final product and pack design and can estimate the impact on time, cost and quality in projects.
  • Understand the Quality and Good Manufacturing Practices that our suppliers need to meet when supplying to NFE.
  • Aware of our specification system and standards and able to check materials against a specification.
  • Understand which legal factors and company policies are important to consider when reviewing or developing a product, pack or claim.

4. Developing R&D capability

  • Can Lead simple trials or support larger factory or pilot plant trials internally, at co-packers or other Institutions to ensure effective scale up of a product design.
  • Understand our key technologies and how they relate to delivering our main products.
  • Aware of the key suppliers in own work area and see how their capability and expertise can support work.
  • Able to check products comply with specifications and technical briefs and can identify non-compliances against them.
  • Understand the types of claims used with our products and provide information to support claim validation.
  • Aware of the chemistry of food packaging and recipe design, including the main interactions throughout a product’s lifecycle.
  • Can design a simple test (design of experiment) which answers a hypothesis and knows when to apply scientific testing rigour within the NFE Innovation process.


Qualifications & Experience

  • Relevant Science / Technical / Engineering / Packaging degree.
  • Driving licence
  • Willingeness and ability to travel.
  • Membership of Institute of Packaging (The Packaging Society IOM3) is a nice to have
  • 2 years’ minimum experience within one of these areas food, beverages, cosmetics, pharma, FMCG.
  • Experience of leading packaging changes with co-packers and production sites.
  • Engineering and equipment understanding and the interaction with packaging.
  • Proven experience in front end innovation, technology sourcing and establishing supply chains.
  • Proven expertise in being the packaging expert in European teams across multiple locations to deliver projects effectively.
  • Proficient in English language.
  • Awareness of frozen food packaging (beneficial, not essential).
Company description:

Nomad Foods is a leading frozen foods company. With our anchor investment in Iglo Group completed in June 2015, we intend to continue supporting Iglo’s organic growth initiatives as well as pursue strategic acquisitions to build a portfolio of best-in-class food companies and brands within existing and new categories. Iglo is the ideal foundation to execute a build-up strategy across the packaged foods sector.

Our Ambition for Nomad Foods:

  • Build a world-class global consumer foods company
  • Invest in leading food companies with proven track records and strong management teams
  • Support organic growth and strengthen our market leadership in each of our geographies and categories

Our acquisition criteria:

  • Market leader in a niche market
  • Protective moats around the business
  • Experienced management teams
  • Strong free cash flow characteristics
  • Diversified customer and supplier base

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