If you’re understaffed and overwhelmed, you need help. But you may be wondering whether it’s better to hire a recruiter to join your company, or work with a recruitment firm to fill your staffing needs. The truth is, there are a lot of factors to consider, so let’s find out which is the better choice for you. 

When you need recruitment help, there are many reasons to add a recruiter to your company staff, to work with your HR team on an ongoing basis. There are also great reasons to hire an external recruiting firm or recruiting agency to help you fill open positions. Here are the basic factors to consider:

Hiring an In-House Recruiter

When creating an in-house recruiter position and hiring for the first time, here are a few factors to consider:

  • Time to onboard a new hire. When hiring a new staff member, you need to create the job listing, interview candidates, and hire a new person. Then they need to be onboarded and trained. If you are already busy and overwhelmed, that can be a long and slow process that takes a while to pay off. On the other hand, it’s a choice with long-term benefits, as you have ongoing recruitment support for many years. 
  • Cost. Adding a new staff position can add up over time, as you need to pay salary, benefits, and other costs for the employee, as well as providing them with office equipment, software licenses, and more. 
  • Background. Many in-house recruiters have an education in human resources or a related field, with a lot of understanding and experience of your daily processes and demands. However, they may know little about your industry or the daily processes within your production departments. If you need to fill specialized and technical roles, a new in-house recruiter may not understand these roles or be well-positioned to evaluate candidates.
  • Culture. An in-house recruiter is a member of the team, and has a deep understanding of the company culture. They understand the attitudes and values that are important in your company, and know what candidates are likely to fit best within the organization. 

Contracting with a Recruitment Firm or Agency

When considering simply hiring an external recruitment firm to help you fill open positions, here are some of the factors to consider:

  • Technical expertise. Niche or specialist recruitment companies are experts in their industries or subject areas, often with years of experience working in the specific markets. They are likely to already understand the challenges and opportunities of specialized, technical roles, as well as understanding industry terminology. They may know what you’re looking for before you do. 
  • Competitive landscape. An external recruiter works for many clients and with many candidates within your industry. They know whether your expectations and compensation are fair and reasonable, the specific features that top talent might be looking for, or what other companies in your industry are offering. 
  • Scope of responsibility. The role of an in-house recruiter may change and grow over time. They may be able to assist with other tasks in your department, assume new responsibilities, or contribute in other ways to the company. Naturally, an external recruitment firm will stay tightly focused on filling your job openings. 

In-House or Recruitment Agency: Which is Best?

The answer is that both choices are excellent solutions, you simply need to choose what’s best for you.

Hire an in-house recruiter when:

  • You have lots of time to fill the position and onboard a new hire
  • You expect the sustained, long-term growth that justifies investing in a new permanent hire
  • You place more immediate importance on hiring for culture and values than for technical skill or expertise

Hire an external recruitment firm when:

  • You need to fill openings fast
  • You need flexible pricing that adapts to your changing needs, rather than an ongoing expense
  • You need highly specialized candidates with advanced technical or other functional skills 

While most agency recruiters are better at hiring for skill than culture, at grapefrute we pride ourselves on making great matches, which means finding candidates who are the right cultural fit as well as having the right skills and experience. Because we make great matches, we build long-term relationships with our clients, so we understand your needs, your culture, and your industry. We offer the best of both worlds in recruiting, and have flexible pricing plans to meet your needs as well. Contact us today to find out how we can help you quickly resolve your staffing problems.