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About Thai Union

A company founded in the 1970s, now recognized as a global leader in its industry (consumable processing products and B2B). Thai Union is the world’s largest producer, capturing 1/5 market share and is a truly dominant player. It is a large award-winning Thai-owned enterprise with a sales and distribution network worldwide.

Although more than 40 years old, their branded business includes brands with over 100 years of history. Revenue wise they see a topline of USD 4.5 billion.

The business has grown from strength to strength throughout the years. However what sets The Company apart from any other firm, is despite its tremendous growth and success, the company has stayed very strongly rooted in its core values and makes a concerted effort not to deviate from them in its day-to-day operations, as well as when making critical business decisions.

Core values

The approach to work is

  • Being ambitious, have a winning spirit and strive to be the best one can be.
  • Avoiding arrogance and listen attentively and actively. One must earn his/her own stripes in their role.
  • Embrace differences and diversity and is conscious of other’s opinions and time.

Their approach to action is

  • Being accountable and following through on commitments with a long-term view.
  • Identify goals common to all members, integrates diverse skills for best outcomes and encourage and recognize the contribution.
  • Being constantly curious, willing to adopt new ideas and thinking out of the box

Focus on Sustainability and Innovation

The Company is an industry leader in sustainability with several Awards earned in the last 5/6 years and an integrated plan of initiatives to drive meaningful improvements across the entire global industry.

The Company also places a huge emphasis on innovation

  • More than 100 people dedicated to the Innovation in an Incubator
  • The aim of the incubator is to explore the use of by-products and to capitalize on emerging high-growth trends in the food industry
  • The business is also looking for growth opportunities in other markets, outside of the core business

Key awards

The number of awards won by Thai Union is exhaustive. The categories of their wins takes us back to Thai Union standing strong in their core values. Thai Union has gained recognition in the areas of:

  • Employee Best Practices
  • Executive Leadership and Commitment
  • Corporate Excellence
  • Sustainability Excellence
  • Anti-Slavery

About Thai Union Ingredients and Thai Union Marine Nutrients GmbH

The new business unit, Thai Union Ingredients (TUI), produces nutritional ingredients and focuses on valorizing all parts of fish and alternative sources like algal into value-added ingredients.

As part of TUI, Thai Union Marine Nutrients GmbH is concentrating on refining high-quality omega-3 oils/PUFA oils. Our 2020-built new pharma-grade oil refinery in Rostock, Germany uses state-of-the-art technology, whilst being supported by our Omega-3-Center to guarantee a safe and trusted process for a variety of omega-3 oils. With 25 employees, the team has a familiar spirit and helps each other also outside of the scope of work.

With the available tuna crude oil and the refinery capacity in Rostock, TUI can supply the majority of the global PUFA demand for infant formula.

The role as Quality Assurance Manager


  • Leading the Quality Manager and the Lab Manager on daily basis. The team size is 4.
  • Review production data with the team and analyse results and trends to improve the production process.
  • Release/Block Batches.
  • Responsible for the QC plan, and monitoring plan.
  • QI management and RCA.
  • Initiate new improvement projects, follow up with the team on those projects and present results
  • Communicate with the Customers
  • Lead Quality Team in Audits
  • Help with the creation of SOPs
  • Be the quality departments lead on projects
  • Setting standards for quality as well as health, safety and environmental standards for laboratory
  • Cooperates with other departments, especially with the technical, production, logistics and purchasing departments.
  • Participates in projects – LEAN and NPD projects.


TUI Managing Director (Bangkok)

Requirements for the Quality Assurance Manager

Core Values & Key Capabilities Required:

  • Very good Analytic Skills; Fast learner
  • Ability to build strong relations with stakeholders
  • Goal achieving and an oriented mindset
  • Engaging attitude
  • Collaborative
  • Degree in Food Technology/Science/Chemistry, Chemical, Biological or other technical-scientific relevant studies.
  • QA Management experience in food, beverages, ingredients, pharma, biotechnology or other relevant industries.
  • Languages: either German OR English.

Opportunities the ole as Quality Assurance Manager presents

The role is giving you the possibility to work with the team and improve the quality and the production performance while shaping the Quality department. While TUI and TUMN will grow in the market, the responsibilities of this person will grow as well.

If you choose to respond to this listing, please do not apply on the employer’s website or through any other means. Grapefrute is contracted with this company and has direct communication with the hiring manager and HR department. When we present you as a candidate, you are considered more quickly and in more detail than when you apply on the employer’s site. Grapefrute works with transparency and integrity, and we will be your point of contact throughout the whole hiring process.

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