Talent acquisition partner for
life sciences and consumer goods


Do you need to fill various roles in various departments, locations, or countries?

From technical to operational to commercial, Grapefrute is an expert recruiter for competitive roles in consumer goods and life sciences. We specialize in executive searches and finding specialists and leadership for innovative companies, using smarter systems to fill in-demand, competitive roles in everything from R&D to the C-suite. Our experience in the industry, understanding of our candidates, and partnerships with companies allows us to be more proactive, more creative, and more competitive than other recruiting firms.

Our ProcesS

Vacancy assessment

Working with our client’s HR team and hiring managers, we understand a company’s goals, culture, and talent profile. We assess the competitive landscape, identifying challenges and opportunities.

Candidate identification

Using smart searching techniques, we identify the most qualified talent in the industry. Interested candidates are pre-screened, including an optional online functional areas assessment.


Top-performing candidates are presented to the client’s hiring team, with a complete profile and detailed documentation. We work with clients to customize our level of involvement in the rest of the hiring procest.

Our Service

Grapefrute’s flexible service offerings allow companies to choose the recruitment plan that suits them best.

Contingency Recruiting


Contingency Recruiting is the most familiar solution for most companies, and is often the perfect recruiting plan. With contingency recruiting, clients simply pay a fixed fee for every position we fill.

Contingency recruiting offers a lot of benefits and advantages for busy HR personnel, including:

  • Time savings. With contingency recruiting, you can set-it-and-forget-it. We do all the legwork while you manage other tasks.
  • Fixed budget. The fixed budget of contingency recruiting simplifies financial planning and forecasting, so your costs are always predictable and there are never any surprises.
  • Long-term partnership. When we work under contract, the long-term relationship helps us become a better partner to you over time, with a deeper understanding of your unique culture and business objectives.
Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is an alternative way of working with recruitment firms. When you work with Grapefrute RPO, you hire our team of world-class recruiters to work directly for you on a dedicated basis, paid by the hour.

RPO recruiting is an increasingly popular service, with some unique benefits, including:

  • Cost savings. Our professional recruiter(s) work for you for as little as 8 hours, which can be a great way to reduce costs. There are no long-term contracts or commitments, giving you more flexibility in your budget.
  • Complete control. Instead of just waiting for results, you have full control over how our time is spent. Your Grapefrute recruiter(s) is/are fully dedicated to your needs during those hours.
  • Full transparency. We use a top-tier ATS and a time/work tracking tool so you always know the status of your request and how much time has been spent.

and Acquisition Strategy Services

For some companies, recruitment isn’t as big a challenge as retention. For clients who consistently struggle to attract and retain the top talent, or who don’t know which recruitment strategy is the right fit for them, Grapefrute offers consulting services that improve candidate outcomes for long-term growth.