Insight from the experts at Grapefrute on how to make your recruiting faster and get better results

One of the most common mistakes people make in recruiting is over-reliance on relevant keywords. Sure, keyword searches and software algorithms that scan for the desired terms make the initial talent search faster and easier, but it also causes avoidable errors that waste time in the long run. Keyword searches lead to two easily avoidable mistakes:

Misunderstanding the candidate’s experience. In the FMCG industries, titles like “product manager,” “process technologist,” or “production engineer” can mean dramatically different things at different companies. The scope of duties, area of expertise, and degree of responsibility might be very different. Don’t assume that the amount of time someone has spent with a certain job title equates to the skills or experience you are looking for in your role. 

Missing candidates who don’t use those terms. Not all candidates will be able to read a job listing and infer the keywords you want to find on their CV and application materials. The world is full of extremely talented people who haven’t necessarily tailored their Linkedin profile or CV to the specific keywords you are searching for. Candidates may have their own way of thinking about or describing their work, and you can miss out on some great people by focusing only on precise search terms.  

Limiting international recruiting. Keyword searches may fail to return meaningful results simply due to differences in regional terms, or even spelling. The perfect candidate may be just a few kilometers away, but you may not find them if you limit your search scope to your local keywords. For more tips about international recruiting, check out this post.

While keyword searches and algorithms are a great place to begin, smart recruiting goes beyond that. It’s important to take the time to know and understand the candidate in order to determine if they are the right fit. Finding good talent is about more than simply checking off words on a list: it’s about broadening your horizons and considering the entirety of their work experience, their skills, and their goals. 

At Grapefrute, we take the time for in-depth searches and building real connections, so our matches are a better fit for all your needs, not just a collection of terms. Contact us for smarter, better FMCG recruiting today.