Insight from the experts at Grapefrute on how to make your recruiting faster and get better results

At Grapefrute, we work with some of the biggest, most prestigious FMCG companies in Europe. But even big, prestigious companies have to face competition in order to attract the top talent. In today’s complex, mobile, hyper-connected world, top talent have more opportunities than ever before. Hiring is competitive, and companies of all sizes need to adjust their approach. 

Many companies still have hiring and recruiting processes that evolved from a desire to exclude candidates, to narrow down thousands of applicants into a handful. That approach works when your company has little competition, and can cherry-pick any candidate you want. But the reality is that very few companies are in that position any more: talented candidates have options, and systems designed to limit, narrow, and exclude aren’t capturing the best people. Here’s how to stand out from the pack, and attract the best matches:

Remember that the interview process is reciprocal. In the same way that your application and interview process is designed to determine whether the candidate is the right fit for you, the candidate is also using that process to determine whether you are the right fit for them. Lengthy response times, cumbersome and repetitive processes, unclear or contradictory information, or unclear expectations let the candidate know that you aren’t important to them, and you aren’t a professional organization. As the face of the company to the candidate, it is critical for recruiters and HR personnel to seek to make a good impression on the candidate, with responsiveness, clarity, and professionalism. 

Keep an eye on the competition. What are other companies paying for similar jobs? What benefits are they offering? Have they made a company culture that is more appealing? Are they offering better chances for growth and advancement, better work/life balance, or working on projects and products that are more meaningful? These are factors that attract talent, particularly young people, to a company, and engender the loyalty that keeps them there. While you may not be able to match those competitor jobs, knowing what your candidates’ options are, will help you be more realistic with your offerings. 

Ask the candidate what they want. Part of making a good match is understanding who you are hiring. Ask the candidate what they are looking for in a daily work environment, what their long term goals are, and what direction they would like to learn and grow in. All too often, companies decide that they want to hire someone and make an offer, only to be rebuffed because their offer doesn’t include things that are important to the candidate. As above, remember that this process is reciprocal, and craft an offer that meets their needs as well as your company’s. 

Today’s top candidates have choices, and want to know that they are making the career decisions that are right for them. Grapefrute knows how to listen and understand candidates, evaluate a competitive landscape, and make great connections. Contact us to find out more about our staffing solutions.