Cerveza Victoria is more than a beer, and more than a brewery. Over nearly a century of history, it has become an iconic part of local culture, symbolizing what the Malagueños, also known as boquerones, love about their city and the Costa del Sol.

History of Cerveza Victoria

This legendary brewery opened nearly a century ago. It was launched in 1928 on the feast day of Santa Maria la Victoria, the patron saint of Málaga, from which the beer takes its name. The Franquelo family founded their brewery with a mission of creating excellent beer, combining the techniques and machinery of German master brewers with the local ingredients and flavor preferences. The first factory was located in the El Perchel neighborhood of Málaga, and employed 85 workers. 

Cerveze Victoria - El Aléman
El Aléman

In 1937, Cerveza Victoria launched an ad campaign that would become a symbol of the city and the region. It depicts a German tourist, holding a Panama hat and wiping his brow, featuring the now-famous slogan “Cerveza Victoria, Malagueña y exquisita” (“From Malaga and Delicious”). Malaga experienced a tourism boom in the 1960s, and the Cerveza Victoria poster symbolized this important period of growth, prosperity, and pleasure. The company outgrew its first factory, and needed new facilities. 

In the late 1960s, the brewery was relocated to the Intelhorce neighborhood. Legal guidelines at the time required expensive machinery and very high minimum production levels, leading to lean times for the company. However, despite these hardships, Cerveza Victoria continued to play an important role in the local community and culture, sponsoring local sport and cultural events.

By the late 1990s, the brand was struggling. It was only carried in local supermarkets, and company ownership changed a few times. 

Cerveza Victoria - Lager Beer

Rebirth and Rebuilding

In 2001, Cerveza Victoria was sold to the Damm Group, a legendary brewing company based in Barcelona. With new investment and an invigorated mission, it was time for change at Cerveza Victoria.

In 2017, on the 89th anniversary of the initial launch, Cerveza Victoria inaugurated a new, state-of-the-art brewery that also serves as a cultural and social space for the citizens of Malaga. Located near the main entrance of the city, the new facility not only has easy access to industrial transport, but also boasts a beautiful glass facade that invites visitors and reaffirms Victoria beer’s identity as a symbol of the city. 

The new space houses corporate offices, brewing and bottling facilities, storage and logistics space, a tasting area, and more, with every space designed to showcase the incredible natural light of the Costa del Sol.

Cerveza Victoria - Pasos Largos

Cerveza Victoria Today

Today, Cerveza Victoria retains their standards of quality and purity in their beer, using only local and natural ingredients, brewed with care. The company is an important sponsor of local sport and cultural events, and the brewery hosts local shows and cultural activities.

The brewery is also a popular spot for tours and visits, with guided tours, tastings, and exploration of why this beer is so important to the people of Malaga, and why it will remain an iconic brand for at least another century.

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