The demand for ready-to-eat, high protein snacks keeps growing, creating a market worth $5B USD in 2018, and continuous growth projected for the next several years. Europe is home to some of the biggest companies in the meat snacks market, including BiFi. 

Jerky is an ancient way of preserving meats. Meat is salted to inhibit the growth of bacteria, and then dried for preservation. Meat can also be marinated or spice-rubbed before preservation, giving it different flavors. This results in a meat product that can be eaten at any time, anywhere, without requiring refrigeration or additional preservation. So these ancient methods of preserving meat just happen to also be a great solution to the modern, busy schedule, in which people are looking for convenient, high protein snacks.  

History of BiFi

BiFi was launched in 1972, and is still made in its home town of Ansbach, Bavaria. The name is a play on the English word “beefy”, and the recipe was developed using the highest quality meats from EU certified suppliers. Since its inception, meat snacks have exploded in popularity, and BiFi has continually expanded their product line, adding new meats, new flavors, and new ways to enjoy their tasty, convenient snacks. 

BiFi is marketed in the UK under the Peperami name, and both brands are now sold in nine countries. In 2014, Bifi and Peperami were acquired from Unilever by US company Jack Link’s, as part of their first expansion into Europe. 

Enter Jack Link’s

Jack Link’s was founded in the US in 1986, but their original beef jerky is made with an old family recipe that goes back generations. Like BiFi, Jack Link’s believes in only using the highest quality meat for their snacks, with premium meats, slow cooking, and following family traditions dating back 100 years. The company employs a staff nutritionist to explain the health and nutritional benefits of their jerky, and uses natural alternatives to nitrites where ever possible without compromising flavor and quality. 

To better serve the European market, Jack Link’s has opened a European headquarters in Amsterdam, and the company is rapidly growing throughout EMEA. BiFi and Jack Link’s are a great match, because both companies respect quality ingredients, traditional methods, and corporate responsibility. 

The meat snacks market in Europe is projected to enjoy double-digit growth in the coming years, as demand for convenient, high-protein snacks continues to grow. Jack Link’s jerky has made a huge impact on the market, and meat snacks are expanding beyond grocery store shelves, into restaurants and other foodservice outlets. If you are a nutritionist, food scientist, product manager, or quality management professional looking to grow your career in this exciting area, contact Grapefrute today.