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"Science knows no country, because knowledge belongs to humanity, and is the torch which illuminates the world."
- Louis Pasteur

Grapefrute began when we realised that something was missing. We were working on in-house and project recruitment for the FMCG industry. Everywhere we went, we found that the industry was full of brilliant people looking for their next challenge. And vibrant, forward-thinking companies in search of driven, results-oriented candidates. Only somehow, candidates didn’t always find their perfect role. And the companies we loved weren’t reaching their ideal candidates. The secret sauce was missing. So we decided to make it.

The recipe

We take a pinch of open-mindedness. A dash of flexibility. We stir in creative search techniques, which use a blend of advanced algorithms and industry knowledge. Then we add recruiters with different backgrounds, languages, cultures. And season with a love of flavour, science, precision—and people. Finally, we sift it all through a set of values that are a touch… personal. Like empathy. Social-mindedness. A lack of conventionality. The result: a perfect match.

We love people

What you do inspires us. Whether you’re a Food Technologist with a head for processes or a cosmetic scientist with a flair for fragrance.
Are you brilliant, driven, looking for your perfect employer? Get in touch.

We love innovation

Original thinking, number-crunching, and process-planning get us watering at the mouth. Whether it’s a new direction or the tiniest detail.

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We give back

We’re proud to recruit for businesses that are as passionate about sustainability, food safety and traceability as we are.