grapefruteTalent acquisition partner for
life sciences and consumer goods

Company History

Grapefrute was founded in 2009, after years of experience with in-house and RPO staffing revealed a shortage of ethical recruiters who truly understand life sciences and consumer goods. Our goal has always been to work smarter, building lasting client and candidate relationships that enable specialized, targeted matching and perfect fits.

Founded in the Netherlands, Grapefrute has been global from the beginning, with an international, multi-lingual team that allows us to reach further and make new connections. In 2018, we opened a second office in Spain, expanding our capacity in Europe.

Culture and Values

Grapefrute is built on these values


Our culture values real service, real connections, and real results. We don’t focus on self-promotion, we aren’t driven by sales targets, and we communicate with authenticity. We believe that individual connections are the key to our success, and we live it every day.

Continuous improvement.

Even our successes contain lessons we can learn, and we accept feedback with gratitude. At Grapefrute, we continually review our processes, our systems, and our outcomes to determine where change is needed and how we can improve.

Proactive thinking.

Good solutions are lasting solutions, and they are reached by anticipating future needs and situations. Instead of reacting to the condition of the moment, we think ahead and develop long-term strategies.

Global impact.

Every decision has an impact. Grapefrute considers our impact on the world and our environment every day, and supports the companies, industries, and innovators who are working toward a stronger, healthier, more inclusive future.


Our team of Grapefruters has a progressive mindset, with curiosity towards people and cultures. Respect, collaboration and support for each other are vital in our office. Equality is important in our matrix organization and we provide learning and development and a good work-life balance.

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