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Refreshing recruitment for the FMCG industries

Smarter searches. Creative matching. Real passion.

From development to distribution, we don’t simply recruit for the FMCG industries. We’re thrilled by the science. We’re in love with the aromas. The tastes. The colours. We love what you do, and that helps us make perfect matches between brilliant candidates and exciting employers.

We are a one-stop shop

We recruit for all levels, departments, and countries. If you’re looking to move jobs, we know the companies to target. If you have a role you need to fill, we put you in touch with the people best qualified. Fast.

We are global

Language is no barrier: we operate worldwide, matching people and jobs across borders. Whether the perfect position is right next door or on the other side of the world. No matter if the best candidate is in Europe, the Americas, or the Middle East.

We search smarter

We know it takes more than a network to find the right talent. So we don’t just rely on the advanced algorithms we use to connect employers with talented professionals worldwide. We also take the time to talk, so we can be sure of every match.

How we work

With Employers:

  • You tell us what you need

    Someone who knows what’s going on in the industry; someone highly educated and armed with buckets of technical, operational or commercial know-how; someone passionate and creative
  • We pour on the secret sauce

    With a global reach that extends across Europe, all the way to the Americas, Africa, Middle-East and the Asian-Pacific region, who better than grapefrute to get that talent on board?
  • You grow

    Start building a team that will take your business forward

With Candidates:

  • You tell us about your skills

    Let us know your background and experience, along with your passions and aspirations
  • We work our magic

    Grapefrute works with the best companies in the industry, all around the world, and we find new opportunities all the time. Let us find ways to make your dreams a reality
  • You meet your perfect match

    Our personalized matches help you reach the next level in your career


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